A Letter by The Editor;
I would like to say “Thank You & I Love You,” my parents for having a great selection of music (The Ventures, Chuck Berry, Elvis) in our house and our car growing up! I was born in 1965 on Halloween! Elvis was my 1st hero and my 1st concert! In 1974 I was 9 years old and my mother along with myself and a couple her friends went to see the “The King” Elvis Presley! After that I would fix my bedroom up like a stage and dress up!!! Then in 1977 a little band came to town by the name of KISS!!! It was to much to take IN!!! The FIRE!!! The Costumes!!! The LIGHTS!!! The MUSIC!!! LOL, After that show playing the trombone at school in band just wasnt getting it……………..Time to switch to the DRUMS!!! I had never seen anything like it!!! Thats what I wanna Do!!!
Now Im in my 50’s and it means more to me now more than it ever has…..As I’ve gotten older and family and friends have passed on, the music I’ve grown to love takes me back to a happier, more care free time in my life. Anytime I’m feeling down I just put on an old song and some how I feel a little better. Thats what I want this website to be here for. Ill be posting new videos and old pictures (Nostalgic stuff) every week!!! I hope everyone enjoys Classic ROCK Videos!!!

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